As part of the Nissan Versa Note launch, we created a landmark collaboration with Amazon to be the very first car sold on their site. 

amazon detail copy.png

The initiative garnered much media attention. Then naturally, we delivered the Versas the same way you get anything from Amazon, in the biggest boxes Amazon had ever made.

During the shoot we left the box on the street for a whole day waiting for some curious person to snap a pic. Reddit user Listrophy was the first, and she posted this pic to the site.

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 1.12.42 PM.png

It went viral in a heart beat and showed up on the front pages of newspapers in over 50 countries across Asia, Europe, Australia and even Africa.

The box even kicked off its own meme.

box meme.jpg

Then we released the reveal video a week later.

The news cycle picked it up all over again. Here's an infographic of the journey of Nissan's biggest ever viral hit.